1. The “barley there” interior trend…are you daring enough to go nude?
    We’ve seen it all around fashion, makeup, nail varnish and just about anything else, and now the “barely there” trend has spread right over into ...
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  2. What kind of minimalist are you?
    Minimalism and modern culture kind of go hand-in-hand with each other, it’s a fad that’s taken over so many aspects of our lives, from interiors,...
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  3. How to utilise your garden effectively
    It really doesn’t matter what type of weather it is, a perfectly utilised garden is so useful. Yes, in summer your garden is the perfect place to...
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  4. The most popular interior trends explained
    When it comes to interior design, a lot of terms and lingo are throw around. This can make the entire process of decorating seem a lot more daunt...
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  5. Sustainability in the home
    You’ve probably all heard about the importance of being sustainable by now, so we won’t try to explain it any further. Either way, from food, tran...
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  6. Floral interiors; are they in style?
    Florals have always been a tiny bit like marmite; you either love them or you hate them. The classic floral design has become a print synonymous ...
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  7. How millennials are changing the way we decorate our homes
    More and more millennials are becoming property owners, but things are a tiny bit different this time around, the tastes of the newest generation...
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  8. Tips on creating an office you'll actually do work in
    An office in your own home is a tiny bit bittersweet; I think most of us look at it through rose tinted glasses. On the one hand, you get the pri...
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  9. The investment pieces your home needs
    “Buying smart” is a term we’re all probably very much aware of…at least with clothes. A big defining moment of adulthood is realising that it is ...
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  10. 4 interior trends to look out for in 2019
    We might already be half way through 2018 but the next half of the year is full of some pretty interesting interior trends. And it’s not for the ...
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  11. The biggest lighting trends of 2018
    We know how stressful finding the perfect lighting for your house can be, especially when interior trends seem to change every week. You see, lig...
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  12. Parisian interior design tips: you'll have to break some rules
    It doesn’t matter what it is, the French have this amazing talent to make anything and everything look chic. Your mind has probably diverted to F...
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