4 interior trends to look out for in 2019

4 interior trends to look out for in 2019

by Katie Anderton

We might already be half way through 2018 but the next half of the year is full of some pretty interesting interior trends. And it’s not for the faint-hearted – maximalist, dark tones mixed with raw sustainable accessories…would you try it? Well, here they are, the five interior trends that we predict will be filling up Pinterest and all your favourite magazines.


Dark pigments

Dark walls and floors have been a hot topic of discussion for quite a while now and they’re great – they make smaller rooms look bigger and offer a unique shell to work around. But 2018 is taking it a step further. Braver colour choices on walls, floors and the furniture are probably the biggest trends at the moment.

Now, you can incorporate this however you wish, we’re just going to hint to you that moody interiors are especially in trend right now. Think dark purple, emerald green and navy. If you still want the rich colours but without the gothic mood then you can try mixing them with colours like bright pink and mustard yellow. Trust us on this one.

Century Folk

We’re obsessed with this one because it’s all about mixing, and you know how much we love mixing. Combine old and new with a mixture of cultures and an array of fabrics and you have an amazing new folk interior. The interior design itself is respectfully inspired by a mixture of traditional cultures from all over the world.

To really achieve this look, aim for a cosy feel, made for those lazy moments. Get folky with little accessories, rustic furniture and cosy textiles. It’s entirely your choice just how old-age folk or new-age folk you work towards.

4 interior trends to look out for in 2019



We’re kissing goodbye to the minimalist interior (this might be very welcomed by a lot of you). No more keeping the surfaces empty, monotone colours and empty rooms. We’re filling our rooms with weird accessories, lavish textiles, deep pigments and crazy patterns because, well, why not?

If you want to achieve this look then go for the seriously bold pieces and accessories with courageous prints. A successful maximalist room will make your guests enter the room with a “wow” and leave the room asking questions. Impulse buys are kind of crucial for these kind of interiors…buy now and think about where to put it later.


Travel has always, and will always influence interiors but this usually comes in the form of specific trends. For example, Scandinavian interiors and chic Paris décor. Now it’s time to combine your travels into your own unique interior filled with treasured objects and memories. This wonderful multicultural mixture of serene and adventure will create an enviable space for anybody.

Don’t worry, travelling the world is great and everything but it isn’t essential for this interior. Just including raw, earthy and natural themes throughout will make all the difference.

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