Floral interiors; are they in style?

Floral interiors; are they in style?

by Katie Anderton

Florals have always been a tiny bit like marmite; you either love them or you hate them. The classic floral design has become a print synonymous with spring and summer, making them a super difficult print to pull off all year round, with both fashion and interiors. However, 2018 is here and the floral trends taking the interior world by storm are no longer limited to a season. The print has slightly refreshed from the traditional English Countryside model, making it now possible to incorporate the floral print (more subtly) in bits and pieces scattered around here and there– perfect for houses or apartments. Here’s how to get include a stylish level of floral into your modern home.

In the bedroom

We’re starting with the easiest room; the bedroom. Floral prints are always so easy to splash into a bedroom because of all the possibilities in fabrics. Bed sheets, curtains, wall hangings and rugs work so well in a bedroom and will easily transform the space. Unlike in very vintage houses, modern houses don’t long for their entire room having some kind of floral print on it.

Although you’re not restricted by seasons, if you do fancy switching your bedroom up a little bit in spring and summer, as a little refresh, then a couple extra flowery cushions and an extra throw will make all the difference.

In the lounge

Again, like with the bedrooms, living rooms benefit greatly from florals because of the possibilities with fabrics. Cushions and throws can easily be added to a sofa to add a bit of floral fanciness into the room.

Remember, floral patterns come in many different styles which makes it all the better for you to choose the best one. Muted colours, leaf patterns and subtle floral prints are all available for any lounge that doesn’t require statement pieces of floral furniture.

In the dining room

What about the rooms that don’t have a lot of fabrics? Like a dining room? Well, just floral up the tableware of course. Bring a little bit of the outdoors in with floral print pottery, cutlery and cups. These have the potential of adding so many different styles to the table (literally) like traditional, rustic, modern or bohemian. It all depends on what type of print you end up choosing.

Floral centrepieces for your table will always go down a treat too.

Floral interiors; are they in style

It’s a little bit more difficult to decorate your bathroom with any kind of print because, for the most part, they are extremely functional rooms. We suggest floral bath curtains if you really want to revamp your bathroom.

Also, floral fragrances will always create an invigorating and inviting space, still bringing the outdoors into your room in a very creative way. Give it a try.

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