How millennials are changing the way we decorate our homes

How millennials are changing the way we decorate our homes

by Katie Anderton

More and more millennials are becoming property owners, but things are a tiny bit different this time around, the tastes of the newest generation of house buyers are impacting home design and interior trends profoundly. Unlike most of the articles, you’ll find about millennials destroying certain types of industries, millennials are actually making interiors adapt in very positive ways. Here’s how.

Smaller Spaces

You can’t really blame them, but their spaces just simply aren’t as big as generations before. They’re not buying big peripheral houses (for many reasons) which means that their interior choices have to, quite literally, fit their space. Most millennials are moving to urban areas, into small properties or even flats, but they’re not cramped.

Smaller places aren’t impossible to decorate, just read our guide on how to do it. Storage, mirrors and multifunctional furniture are all essential in millennial’s homes. This smaller space also means a lot of flats are open plan, stressing for creative ways to decorate.

As natural as can be

The baby boomers were obsessed with rustic, vintage interiors and, in all honesty, this has passed down to the millennials in a way. They’ve adapted it to make it their own little unique trend, which is why you’ll find indoor plants everywhere and reclaimed wooden furniture…it’s almost like they’re bringing nature into their homes to make up for their urban surroundings.

The Scandinavian interior trend has been a big hit with millennials everywhere, and we really don’t question why – it looks incredible.


They might be bringing nature into their homes but, quite expectedly, they’re bringing a lot of technology into their rooms too. We’re not just talking about the usual basic electronic pieces, it’s extremely smart technology. Lighting, heating, washers…everything are all controlled by mobile phones or the simple sound of their voice.

One of the obvious repercussions of this is the fact that millennials houses need more outlets.

How millennials are changing the way we decorate our homes

Eco-friendly and sustainability

The world they’ve grown up in has rightly stressed the importance of eco-friendly spaces, something which older generations never felt the need to be conscious of. Energy saving appliances, solar, non-toxic paint and eco-friendly windows not only suit the beliefs of millennials but also their cost-conscious personalities.

This generation is easily the generation most focused on any type of sustainability, even if they’re just living in an apartment block. Waste-free experiments like home-grown food are all very commonplace in millennials spaces, sometimes in the most creative ways. Being aware of the environmental challenges we face has heavily impacted home decor, and we love it.

How millennials are changing the way we decorate our homes

Minimalism with a twist

Baby boomer’s homes have always been filled with lots of trinkets and accessories, but millennials keep their spaces pretty sleek. Perhaps a consequence of the smaller spaces that they own, millennials are kind of forced to have a lot fewer things. The good news is, with the advancement in technology, a lot of things can quite literally be in the palm of your hand making more room for other items.

Minimalist is quite a strong descriptive word though, millennials homes are still full of rustic decorations, mixed colours and plenty of fabrics. It’s all about creativity.

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