How to utilise your garden effectively

How to utilise your garden effectively

by Katie Anderton

It really doesn’t matter what type of weather it is, a perfectly utilised garden is so useful. Yes, in summer your garden is the perfect place to have a peaceful breakfast in the morning sun and a grand barbeque at the end of the day, but in winter it can be transformed into a cosy socialising space. The possibilities are endless, and so making the most of your garden is super important. Like, everything is better outside (Eating, kissing, napping, dancing), which means we have to put effort into our outdoor spaces. Here’s how to do that.

We’re also extremely sorry for those of you who do not have a garden at the moment – allow this to be your future inspiration.

Decide what it’s purpose will be

This is the first step for a lot of home projects, and it’s no real surprise, but it really is the best starting point for any decorating or renovation. First thing’s first; will your outdoor space be used for socialising, dining or chilling? What time of day will you predominately be out in the garden at?

For example, if you’re an amazing host (we wish we could relate) and you love to cook and make drinks for a group of people, you really need to think about the seating and dining area. This means lots of seating, a big table and a place to put a barbeque or a speaker. If you’re a little bit more into the idea of a cosy place to enjoy quality me-time, you need to still think about the seating area, but it’ll obviously be very different. A nice little rocking chair with a peaceful side table for your hot chocolate and book is all you need.

Always consider which direction your garden faces too; if your garden is South facing you need to ensure that you have some kind of sun control. If your garden is North facing, the sun won’t be as intense and so a fire pit would be great.

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How to utilise your garden effectively


We’d safely say that the most important bit of furniture in your garden is your seating. Whether it’s for yourself, your family or your friends, nobody wants to be stood around all day in your garden.

Picking the style of your outdoor furniture shouldn’t be too difficult – just make it an extension of your indoor interior, with the colours and themes. You can also add little extras whenever you need to like blankets, cushions and tablecloths. One thing we will say is, make sure your outdoor furniture will withstand outdoor conditions.

Don’t worry about how much space you have – take advantage of every little bit of space. Even if this means you can only have two chairs, it’s better than nothing.

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How to utilise your garden effectively


We very often talk about the importance of lighting, but that’s because we really stand by it. Lighting has the ability to change every mood and function of a room. We highly recommend a warm, cosy lighting area, complete with hanging string lights. Just make sure they’re outdoor friendly.

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