Mindful home habits

Mindful home habits

by Katie Anderton

We all want to be more mindful in our lives, whether it’ to make us more productive, save more money, help the world or improve our mental and physical health, we all really want it. Well, being mindful in your home can be a great starting point to a more mindful life; think about it, you spend the majority of your life there, it makes complete sense to start your mindful journey there too.

Waking up

You should really start to practice mindfulness the moment you wake up – and, you guessed it, you (the majority of the time) wake up in your home. We recommend that you wake up to the sun, whether this is through your window or with the use of a sunlight simulator. Rising when the sun rises is a great way to start your day off, allowing your body to get in a natural rhythm.

Other little hints and tips include putting your alarm away from your bed (So you have to actually stand up to turn it off), making your bed the moment you get out of it and turning off your mobile gadgets, so you don’t spend the morning scrolling aimlessly through social media. 

Money Saving

Now, we won’t pretend to know where your expenses go, every house is different. However, if your mindful goal is in regards to money, we have some tips too. The truth is, even if the reasons aren’t financially, we should all be using a little less electricity and water. This can easily be done by turning off lights and sockets when they’re not in use, using eco-friendly appliances, air drying clothes, taking shorter showers and collecting rainwater for your plants. Just very simple, mindful life changes that will make small steps to a big difference.


We’ll be the first to admit that an organisation isn’t our strongest point, but with mindful modifications, we can change this. What we recommend doing is finding a place for absolutely everything, even recycling and rubbish. If you need to use sticky labels then, by all means, do. This will make your life flow easier as well as the fact you’ll ever have to worry about never finding something again (hopefully).

Mindful home habits



The very moment you see something messy or dirty, take ten minutes out of your day to get up and clean it. Instead of letting clutter and mess pile up, tackling it the moment it happens will honestly make a big difference. Read our blog post on cleaning here, for more hints and tips on how to stay on top of your cleaning.


Finally, sleep is so important – but it’s something we don’t do enough. We recommend turning off all electrical gadgets at a set time every night, preferably an hour before you’re ready to sleep. This will again help your body get in a natural rhythm. The moment you start to feel tired, climb into bed and just relax.

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