Parisian interior design tips: you'll have to break some rules

Parisian interior design tips: you'll have to break some rules

by Katie Anderton

It doesn’t matter what it is, the French have this amazing talent to make anything and everything look chic. Your mind has probably diverted to French fashion or the gorgeous cobbled streets in Paris, but we’re really focusing on those Parisian apartments that look effortlessly stylish, oozing with individuality and quirk.

We really studied French homes and apartments to discover how they find that perfect balance or elegance and creativity. You may be very glad to know that everyone can get that gorgeous Parisian vibe, but it does require a few rules to be broken.


Think about Parisian fashion

French interiors follow the same formula as French fashion. Timeless, versatile, and beautiful. The Parisian style starts with staple pieces, and then accessories are added later to suit the occasion – adopt this very thinking when it comes to decorating your house. Get the staple pieces – the versatile, safe items and then evolve the rest of the room around them.

You’ll be completely surprised at how much difference cushions, artwork or lighting will make to a room – but remember to keep it authentic to you. The best Parisian interior has a unique flair.

Let evolution take place

It is completely possible to decorate a room in a day, but the French like to take their time when it comes to décor. Over time, when you’re out and about or online shopping, you’ll see something you love. Little bits and bobs will build up in your house and the result will be stunning. Rich, tasteful and full of memories, your house will be somewhere completely personal to you.

Don’t worry about materials or colours matching, if you love something and believe that it will look perfect in your house, get it.

Parisian interior design tips: youll have to break some rules


Keep it real

With interior design, especially in the age of Instagram, we will very often buy a piece of furniture or décor almost as a prop. The French make sure that everything in their home or apartment is completely functional and usable. This is what keeps that desirable feeling of authenticity alive.

A good example of this lies with bookshelves - make it look like it has been used, rather than perfectly and neatly laid out as decoration.

Break the rules

There are certain interior rules and the French, quite simply, don’t care about them. They never follow the principles of decor that we all read into before we start decorating. They only long for beautiful pieces that will grab attention.

Listen to your instincts when you’re furniture shopping…did you fall in love with something? Get it.

They don’t read into styles

We’re all guilty of putting ourselves into an interior box and shutting the lid. We set our mind on a certain interior style and stick to it; industrial, minimalist, traditional bohemian etc. The French don’t do this. They’re never afraid to mix certain styles, from different time periods, with different colours.

It’s this mix match effect which we believe creates that chic, Parisian feel. What do you think?

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