Sustainability in the home

Sustainability in the home

by Katie Anderton

You’ve probably all heard about the importance of being sustainable by now, so we won’t try to explain it any further. Either way, from food, transport, clothing and beauty we’re always told to live a more sustainable life. But what about with interior design?

Decorating your very own house is so exciting, adding your own personality and quirk to every single room. However, when it comes to decorating your house there are certain things that are very often overlooked, especially being eco-friendly – but this shouldn’t be the case at all. There are lots of ways to be more eco-friendly, frugal and sustainable when decorating your home and here are some of our favourite ideas.

Go organic

This is probably the first thing anybody will suggest to you when it’s regarding sustainability. Organic, foods and beauty products are, like, the face of the sustainable movement…and furniture is no exception. You can start small especially if you’re redecorating, so begin with towels, blankets and curtains and then move onto the eco-friendliest versions of your staple pieces.

Top tip: stay away from leather and plastics and opt for cruelty-free, chemical-free items.

Non-toxic paint

If you’re painting your house or anything in your house, always choose a non-toxic paint. This will benefit your health as well as the environment. Win, win.

Go plastic free

We touched on it briefly earlier, but going plastic-free can be one of the best things you can do for the environment. Although these items might cost a little bit more money, they’ll last you longer too making them one of those really great investment pieces that you’ll never regret.

Even little things like glass or bamboo decorations will make more of a difference than you think and, in our opinion, give a more authentic look.


Okay, we might recommend plants in every single one of our blog posts, but that’s because they are so amazing. Real-life plants dotted around your house will make your home feel and look so much fresher. Obviously, pick your plants based on the best ones for you personally.

You get top sustainability points for making your own plant pots from bowls, pans, used jars and lightbulbs. The more creative the better – and the more unique your space looks.

Start small

One of the most important things to remember is that you don’t have to change everything at once. Going one step at a time whenever you feel like you can, is completely fine. The difference you will make, even by taking it slow, will be much greater than you believe. Every little help.

You see, making your home eco-friendly is a process and one which benefits everybody involved. You don’t need to restrict your personal tastes either; lots of sustainable furniture will be just your taste, and if it isn’t? Don’t get it – you’ll find something which is totally your type.

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