The “barley there” interior trend…are you daring enough to go nude?

The “barley there” interior trend…are you daring enough to go nude?

by Katie Anderton

We’ve seen it all around fashion, makeup, nail varnish and just about anything else, and now the “barely there” trend has spread right over into our interiors. The thing is, it’s a little harder to define with interior trends, which could actually play out in our benefit.

The barely there trend revolves around nude or flesh-like tones. With fashion and makeup it’s a little bit easier to choose the colour – just pick the one closest to your skin tone. Our opinion with interior decorating with this trend is to try the whole spectrum, otherwise, you’ll wash out the room and make it look too bland. The good news is that these flesh-tones are not dying out any time soon, so why not plaster them all around your house?

One thing that did shock us as we were scouting for the best examples is, although they might seem easy and safe, these tones really do make such an impact. Not only that, the different shades, although all “nudes”, make completely different impacts. We never thought we would be praising beige rooms but…here we are.

Here are our favourite examples:

Blushing pink

When we think of “barely there”, our minds immediately jump to blush pink. It’s a neutral, beautiful but impactful pastel colour. It’s basically the epitome of millennial culture and we just love it. We saw this example from @koseligblog on Instagram and immediately fell in love.

Our favourite part (after the blushing pink central colour, of course) is the yellow accents. They add a pop of colour to an otherwise very complimentary room. Don’t forget the amazing pendant light to complete the look too. 

The golden goddess

The best thing about this room, found on @universerugs / Instagram, is how they somehow disguise the business as subtleness. Just look at all the mixtures of print and texture, there’s sparkle and woodwork and artwork, but it somehow looks so incredibly effortless.

The barley there interior trendare you daring enough to go nude


The browns, mixed with golds, combined with whites makes this an incredibly regal looking room. 


It’s the one we were all dreading – beige. Now, we’ve seen it work with dresses, shoes and lipstick, but with interiors? When it comes to things you wear, there’s always a way to make it a little bit more interesting but can you do that in your home? We’ll admit that we were sceptical but after finding this amazing example, we’ll admit that we have been proven wrong.

Although so clearly dominantly beige with the walls, tables and chairs – the little-added extras really transform this room. There’s almost a rustic edge to this room, courtesy of the colour scheme and accessories. We found this wonderful example on @bw.interior / Instagram.

The barley there interior trendare you daring enough to go nude


Instagram’s dream

Let’s be honest, the entire “barely there” trend screams Instagram, but it’s actually a really nice and impactful way to add neutrals to your colour palette. We loved how @theorangevelvet on Instagram had created a super easy but effective way to spice up a blush pink room…with an orange velvet chair.

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