The biggest lighting trends of 2018

The biggest lighting trends of 2018

by Katie Anderton

We know how stressful finding the perfect lighting for your house can be, especially when interior trends seem to change every week. You see, lighting makes such an impact on a room that you want to make sure that it’s more than just current but also stands the test of time. Therefore, although these lighting trends may be big for 2018, they’re also the most versatile pieces we could find.

Pendant lights

There are basically (although this is very condensed) two options when it comes to lighting – decorative or complementary. Decorative lights serve as a staple feature to your room, acting as more than just a functional item. Complementary lights are almost hidden from the eye, providing you with their function but not providing your room with any aesthetic embellishments. Pendant lights are great decorative pieces.

The best thing about pendant lights is the fact you can make them as minimalist or maximalist as you want. Hang them in separate positions for a more refined look or create a cluster of pendant lights for that big impact. There are so many different pendant lights to choose from – check out our Skyfall collection for that luxurious touch.

Glowing lights

What we mean by “glowing” is that almost light-from-within kind of effect. When this kind of lighting is used, it creates a gorgeous, gentle ambience. The soft glow makes this perfect for communal rooms like living rooms and dining rooms.

As the light is so soft, it could definitely be worth scattering around brighter lamps – there’s always a possibility that you might want sharper, clearer light in your room. Glowing lights give you the freedom to pick and choose the atmosphere and clarity of a room. Of course, they also look amazing.

The biggest lighting trends of 2018

Invisible statement lights

We know… “invisible” and “statement” is kind of an oxymoron, but trust us on this one. Invisible statement lights solve that age-old problem that derived from statement lights. Whilst hanging, decorative lights were beautiful they would very often give off a distracting, downward glare, leaving the rest of the room in darkness.

The aim of invisible, statement lights is to create an impact whilst providing the room with an illuminating brightness. Basically, the eye isn’t constantly drawn to the light – but when it is, it’s always met with a “wow”.

Warm lights

Cool, bright tones are always the go-to choice for lighting. However, 2018 has seen this shift a tiny bit towards warmer colours. By using orange or yellow LED lights, you get a cosy, romantic feel to a room.

Just like with the glowing lights, you can easily combine your warmer lights with your cooler ones, and use them accordingly. For example, you can have a bright, white lighting in the daytime or for cooking. At night time, you can switch it to your warmer colours for that candlelit mood.

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