The investment pieces your home needs

The investment pieces your home needs

by Katie Anderton

“Buying smart” is a term we’re all probably very much aware of…at least with clothes. A big defining moment of adulthood is realising that it is much better to splurge on one great bag, coat or pair of shoes. And it totally makes sense – there’s a lot more logic in spending more money initially on something you’re going to love and use forever (although this may be optimistic). Rather than having a bittersweet spending spree on multiple items that will end up collecting dust in your wardrobe. Certain things fall perfectly into the things-that-are-definitely-worth-the-money category. We’re here to pitch the idea that we should also be doing this with our homes. We quite literally live and breathe in these spaces every single day, looking and using the same items, so, we should be surrounding ourselves with objects that we fall in love with.

The investment pieces your home needs

The thing about investment pieces is that they’re designed to withstand anything you may (sometimes literally) throw at it. They’ll be right there with you through new moves and new relationships. It’s almost poetic. Here are our top investment picks.

A good, comfortable sofa

You’ll be sitting on it (mostly) every single night, so you might as well spend a few extra pennies on a super comfortable, attractive sofa. Check out our sofa buying guide for more insight on how to pick the perfect one for you.

Your lifestyle and size of room are big factors to consider when purchasing a sofa. It’ll be so worth it when you’re binge-watching Netflix or entertaining your guests, we promise.

Kitchen appliances

You see, the thing with kitchen appliances is that the cost kind of evens out in the long run. If you spend a little more money on a higher quality, more attractive energy saving microwave, kettle, coffee maker etc, as time goes on you won’t have to replace them AND the energy you save will reduce your bills too. Wow, saving money, energy and enhancing your environment? You’ve mastered this smart buying thing.


Certain pieces of lighting can completely transform your room. There’s no rule at all which says that lighting has to be boring and completely functional. Have you ever seen how much impact pendant lights hanging over a kitchen island has? Or what about the big chandeliers over your dining room table? Make no mistake, they don’t have to be big statement pieces; small artistic lamps or modern spotlights can make the same level of impact.

Investing in good lighting is a guaranteed move that will completely transform your room. Check out our light buying guide for more information.

A rug

This might sound a little random, but investing in a big, high-quality rug will completely renovate any room. It has the potential to pull all the elements of the room together or act as a statement piece.

A little tip to go by is to always make sure that the rug is large enough that all four legs of all the seating pieces in the room can fit on it. Obviously, this is very dependent on certain factors but it’s a great rule to use as a guide.  

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