The most popular interior trends explained

The most popular interior trends explained

by Katie Anderton

When it comes to interior design, a lot of terms and lingo are throw around. This can make the entire process of decorating seem a lot more daunting than it really is. Although trends aren’t necessarily something you need to follow thoroughly, knowing which interior trend you want to emulate can help a lot. To help you with this, we’ve created brief explanations of each trend.


Probably the easiest to envision, but arguably one of the hardest interior trends to master. Minimalism is super clean and simple, complete with streamlined furniture, neutral colours and minimal accessories.

Minimalism is extremely versatile, making it the perfect interior trend to follow for hosting areas.

The most popular interior trends explained


It’s become pretty popular at the moment…and we don’t question why. Scandinavian interiors obviously take inspiration from Nordic trends, mixing art, patterns and textures to create a room that looks like it could be in a log cabin.

Common features of Scandinavian interiors are wooden features, white walls and woolly throws. You can read more aboutScandinavian interiors here.


As you can probably imagine, bohemian interiors are extremely care-free, go with the flow type of vibe. With these interiors, there’s often quite spiritual features around the room, for example, dream catchers.

The best thing about the bohemian interior trend is that it’s super easy to achieve. Just mix and match your favourite pieces – follow your heart.


The industrial interior trend is probably the most sought-after trend recently. The whole vibe is basically to emulate a loft or warehouse. There’s a refined rawness in these interiors that just works. Exposed brick or shabby wood looks amazing in industrial rooms, as do pendant lights and abstract art.

Basically, to master this trend you have to find a good balance between unfinished industrialism and creative decorating. This could be a super fun project for you to try out.


Often confused with industrial, rustic interior are based more around nature. There’s still a gorgeous unfinished rawness with these interiors, but the main features are usually brought in from the outdoors. We’re talking reclaimed wood and stone scattered around the room.

We personally love rustic interiors when they’re combined with very modern decorations. This mixture looks incredible.


We’re a little bit obsessed with French interior design, its beautiful, simple but still striking. The French have this amazing talent to make anything and everything look amazing. You’ll have to break some interior design rules to get the look but the finished look will be worth it

Keep everything functional, chic and just a gradual build up. You can read more on Parisian interior looks here.

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