The Scandinavian interior trend taking the world by storm

The Scandinavian interior trend taking the world by storm

by Katie Anderton

We have to admit, the Scandinavians have really gone above and beyond with interiors, and we aren't surprised in the slightest that the rest of the world is looking to them for inspiration. Maybe the long winters inside really do benefit interior design? Here are a few steps you can take to achieve that popular Scandinavian vibe, without having to battle through long, cold winters. 

Step 1 - Cool and crisp foundations

Keep your walls and floors simple. Think of it like setting the backdrop with monotones such as black and white, this includes the big pieces of furniture like sofas, kitchen cabinets, tables and beds. Plain wood is also great for floors, walls and staple pieces as long as it isn't too crazy. Remember, to achieve that Scandinavian style you really have to set the crisp, cool tone and then add colour with the accent pieces. 

The Scandinavian interior trend taking the world by storm

Step 2 - Decorate with bold colours

Think of it like accessories or finishing touches. Add a bright woven rug, startling artwork, bright cushions and you'll be well on your way to creating that Scandinavian haven. If you don't want to go too dazzling, even just adding a pop of colour here and there can really make a world of difference. Lamps are a great way to add a useful but gorgeous pop of colour against monotone walls and floors.

For a really unique look, try mixing up your colours or creating a colour palette. Many make the mistake of only decorating rooms with one colour when you should really be adding multiple different colours around - especially if you're trying to achieve the Scandinavian feel.

Step 3 - Mix up the textures.

Combining different textures and shapes is just as important as mixing up colours. With Scandinavian interiors, the big pieces of furniture should remain predominately simple, light and airy (think glass tables with thin legs). However, you can really go wild, try thick rugs with tiny tables and fabric seating. Pile on the knits too, remember Scandinavia doesn't have the warmest of weathers and so they rely on luscious throws and furry cushions to keep them warm, and for the rest of us, it creates an authentic winter cabin feel.

Step 4 - Pair modern with traditional

The rules are made to be broken when it comes to interior design. There's nothing wrong with pairing traditional, antique furniture with modern furniture. Having an archaic bookshelf next to a modern sofa looks great. Hanging modern lights over an old-fashioned rug can add so much depth to a room. It's all about mixing and matching and seeing what works for your room.

The Scandinavian interior trend taking the world by storm

Step 5 - Plants

A tad bit of greenery in the form of indoor plants can elevate any style of interior, including Scandinavian. It adds a pop of colour in a such a subtle way that it just looks so effortless. Plants look amazing wherever they are placed, but we just love the vibe they give off when they're paired with wooden furniture and woven rugs.

Antler themed accessories are optional but also a great way to really bring a touch of Scandinavia to your home. 

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