Tips on creating an office you'll actually do work in

Tips on creating an office you'll actually do work in

by Katie Anderton

An office in your own home is a tiny bit bittersweet; I think most of us look at it through rose tinted glasses. On the one hand, you get the privilege of doing all your work from home with a cup of coffee wearing your PJs, but on the other (very relatable hand) you have to build up the motivation to sit in your office and actually get work done.

You see, when you’re in the comfort of your own home, it is so easy to become distracted, and weirdly enough its often with menial household tasks – why don’t I think about doing laundry when I don’t have a colossal list of to-dos waiting on my desk? Don’t worry, although some days may be better than others, we have compiled a list of things you can do to your office to make you more focused, productive and actually want to stay in it.

Motivational signs

Sometimes all it takes to kickstart your day and get the ball rolling is a slight motivational nudge. We love the idea of hanging up motivational messages in your office. Alternatively, why not get a chalkboard or whiteboard, this can be useful when you need a big reminder about your tasks for the day or if you need an inspirational reminder about why you’re sat in the office anyway.

Tips on creating an office youll actually do work in

Make it enjoyable

The biggest mistake people make with offices is following the idea that they need to be serious. A boring, monotone office can make you feel jaded and unmotivated. The benefit of having an office at home is the fact that you can make it as cheery as your own personality.

It could be worth reading into the colour theory if you’re a little worried about not having white walls in your office. Although a safe colour, like white, may seem like the way to go, the colour of your office could actually be impacting your productivity.

It is actually best to decorate your workplace with vibrant low-wavelength colours like green and blue. Yellow is said to be the best colour to trigger imagination and innovation – best for creative work such as writing, drawing and designing.

Don’t make it messy, though

Enjoyable, bright and fun? Yes. Messy? No. Now, we’ll be the first to admit that when we’re really getting stuck into our work paper will end up everywhere, pens somehow are the floor and empty cups of coffee are placed every bit of space imaginable but you have to try and keep it tidy. This doesn’t just mean making neat piles of paper or putting all your pens into one cluster – this means properly organising.

Invest in drawers, shelves, stationary organisers and files. This also saves you experiencing a lot of stress when you can’t find that super important piece of work you definitely put on your desk underneath everything else.


This isn’t your work office, which means that you can make this space as homely and cosy as you like. Get a super comfy chair (an uncomfortable one will aggravate you and make you stop working), keep a blanket close by and maybe even add a rug just to add that extra level of luxury. You don’t have to be, and really shouldn’t be, uncomfortable whilst you’re working.

Tips on creating an office youll actually do work in



We know that we have recommended adding plants every single time we offer interior hacks, but they truly do breathe new life into any room. They brighten the room with their colour and vibe.

They’re especially perfect for workspaces as they reduce the air pollutants in the room. Every inhales will feel fresher and this can have a profound impact on your work. 

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