What kind of minimalist are you?

What kind of minimalist are you?

by Katie Anderton

Minimalism and modern culture kind of go hand-in-hand with each other, it’s a fad that’s taken over so many aspects of our lives, from interiors, fashion, food, photography, art and even tattoos. It’s become such a popular trend, that it’s hard to actually pinpoint what it is. It’s almost like the modern-day definition of minimalism isn’t every, well, minimalist at all. So we dug a little deeper.

Surprisingly, there are quite a few different ways to have a minimalist interior, and they all derive from very different places. Although it was all a bit wishy-washy, and for this reason, we wanted to make it a little bit easier to determine what type of minimalist you are or want to be. Here they are:

An absolute minimalist

An absolute minimalist is the type of person who aims to be a minimalist. They know exactly what they need to live with and only have those items around them. Everything is brought right down to only having the absolute basics. All their cupboards just have staple pieces and their rooms just have the essentials.

Most absolute minimalists will tend to spend a lot of money on one item – if they’re only having that one item, that will last forever, it has to be the best.

The aesthetic minimalist

Also known as “the Instagram minimalist”. They might not necessarily own less, they just display a lot less to the world. If you walk into a house that has white walls, bare floors and a few edgy accessories then you’ve more than likely just entered an aesthetic minimalist’s house.

These are different to absolute minimalists as they’re probably hiding a lot of stuff (most of us have a junk drawer) and they’re little extras, like plates, bed sets, shelves etc, are usually quite quirky – adding a splash of colour to their Instagram feed.

What kind of minimalist are you


Doing-it-for-the-environment minimalist

The eco-friendly or sustainable minimalist is one which minimises their product use for the world. Their entire interior (and life) is focused on green-living and a product of this is just a simpler home. That being said, their homes might not necessarily look minimalist, they’ll probably have a lot more plants, tools and ethical prints scattered around, but harmful items are a big no-no.

It’s the kind of “make do or do without” lifestyle, which absolutely defines minimalism. 

The travelling minimalist

When you live out of a suitcase, you literally just can’t have a lot of things. They believe that an experience is much better than a possession and so sacrifice a life of material things for a life of exploration.

On the rare occasions that they are residing somewhere, they will have very little items, they will have a few souvenirs, tickets and books scattered around. It’s actually quite admirable that they can pack their entire life into a backpack.


Let us know what type of minimalist you are.

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