Why everyone should have plants in their house

Why everyone should have plants in their house

by Katie Anderton

There’s a common theme propping up on posts – plants. We quite literally always mention them, always suggest getting them, always prompting you to put them in your home, but why? We promise we actually believe in what we say, and we completely practice what we preach. We thought an extensive explanation of why plants are so important was very much needed. Here are our favourite reasons amongst the many as to why you should have plants in your house.

One of our favourite reasons surround the health benefits. Obviously, we all know by now that plants help purify the air…it’s why they’re so important for us. Placing multiple plants around your house will help make the air around you fresher and healthier for you to breathe. They have the amazing ability to remove toxic elements from our air. Not only that, their capability to humidify the air can help with respiratory problems, preventing colds and clearing congestion. You know what they say – prevention is better than solution and plants are natural, beautiful preventers. We recommend Spider Plants, Aloe Vera and Bamboo Palm if you’re looking for the best air purifiers.

Did you also know that you can plant fruit and vegetables indoors? This ties nicely in with health benefits, and it isn’t limited to those lucky enough to have a garden. You’ll be saving money and have healthy, fresh produce at all times. There’s also something truly special about being able to pick/cut your own vegetables, fruits and herbs. With just a little bit of research into the best conditions, you can have your own vegetable patch, indoor fruit garden and herb shelf.

Why everyone should have plants in their house


Scattering around various plants for health benefits and the product is great, but the main reason most of us love plants is for how they look. They’re just beautiful. They have this amazing skill to make your house exude whatever kind of vibe you want. If you’re looking for a modern type of aesthetic, dish gardens and terrariums are great for achieving this. If you’re trying to make your house or apartment look a little bit more rustic, wooden indoor gardens are a great idea. The best thing is, indoor plants require very little attention, they just look pretty and enhance the physical surroundings.

Last, but by no means least, are the wellness benefits to having plants. Wellness has become a big fad lately and we’re loving it. Anything that enhances your life for the better, in healthy little ways is just incredible. Believe it or not, plants are a great way to practice wellness and uplift yourself. Studies have shown that plants reduce stress (maybe scattering them around your office would be a great idea) and plants like lavender can help you sleep better so that you wake up feeling more refreshed and positive. Just try it, surround yourself with plants and you’ll notice how much your mood elevates and how much more optimistic your fee. 

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