Can your decor improve your sleep?

Can your decor improve your sleep?

by Katie Anderton

We all know how important sleep is, in fact getting a quality snooze is one of adulthood's biggest missions. We can't believe that we would voluntarily stay up later than we needed to when we were children, what were we thinking?

There's loads of advice and remedies on how to get a good nights sleep, and we'd be the first to say that we would try anything, but what if our answers lied with our decor? Here are our little tips on how to decorate your bedroom so that you can hopefully get the best sleep possible.


Studies have shown that clutter can stress you out, almost like a messy room will equal a messy mind. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't decorate with pieces that you love - just make sure it isn't stressing you out in any way. If you own a lot of items then storage solutions could be the answer for you.

We also suggest getting a rug instead of having carpet (we apologise if you can't change your carpet), in addition to the fact that they look amazing, it will also improve the airflow in your room and they are much easier to clean.


Without sounding too obvious, the less light seeping into your room then the better sleep. Get curtains or blinds that will really block out any kind of light early in the morning.

That's not all, the artificial light you choose can also make a lot of difference. Lamps (rather than powerful overhead lights) can really relax you and make you feel cozier and thus sleepier.


When decorating any room it's important to look into the colour theory. In short, colours can apparently impact your mood, feeling and behaviour. For example, orange wouldn't be a good bedroom colour as it can make you feel energetic whereas green can make you feel calm and relieve stress.

Looking into the colour theory could be a good idea if you're having trouble sleeping. Who knows; placing some blue objects around your room might just make you feel calm or serene. It's worth a shot.

The bed

This might seem super obvious but your bed could be preventing you from getting those full 8 hours. Get yourself a nice bed with a comfy mattress and you'll be sure to improve your sleep. There was a reason that Goldilocks had a sleeping issue on the not-so-great beds.

The layout

The layout of your room must make you feel balanced (and kind of linking to the minimalist point) it shouldn't make you feel stressed. Keep everything easy to access and, if you can, keep your bed away from doors - this will help create that zen feel in your room.

Bedrooms might not be your number one priority when it comes to decorating but if they can determine your quality of sleep, it may be beneficial to start adding it to your makeover list. 

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