Colour confidence guide

Colour confidence guide

by Katie Anderton

What is colour confidence? It’s not only being more daring with the colours you choose in your interior, although this plays a part, it’s all about being confident in the colour scheme you have chosen. Only the best colour choice in your home will make you feel completely and utterly confident in your decision, giving you a home you can be so proud of. Here are our top tips on how to be colour confident with your home.

Tones will affect the mood

We talk about it a lot on our blog; how colours affect the mood of the room. It is so true. We’ve given tips on how to improve your sleep using décor, linking wellness and interior design and designing an office you’ll be more productive in. In all of these super handy posts, we mention the impact of colour…and we’re going to do it again.

Vibrant colours create a confident, creative atmosphere whilst cooler colours bring a more calm and relaxed feeling. This is super important to consider when trying to decide on the perfect colour scheme. A bedroom with yellow walls might actually keep you awake with creative thoughts, whilst an office with natural coloured walls could make you feel unmotivated and, for a workspace, a bit too calm.

Use the colour wheel

Now, we’re not ones to follow any kind of rules when it comes to interior design, but the colour wheel is an exception. Not only can you find the colours that complement each other the best, but the handy little tool will also dictate what the best contrasting colours are.

We’re obsessed with the rooms that may follow a certain colour scheme but have the odd splash of contrasting colours scattered around to create a bold, imaginative atmosphere.

Make it personal

We’re all for looking into certain interior trends, in fact, we spend a good section of our day scrolling through Instagram seeking some kind of interior inspiration. But a real home doesn’t look like it’s straight out of a magazine – and that’s the most beautiful thing about it.

This is a house you’ll be living in, make sure your colour scheme suits your own personal tastes and never shy away from adding certain bits and pieces to your home which may not necessarily “match”.

Don’t focus on just one room

Unless you live in a studio flat, the chances are you have a few rooms to decorate. Many people make the mistake of decorating one room at a time, focusing solely on that one room and this can make your entire house not run as smoothly as it could.

Of course, each room will have its own little style – the function of it usually directs this anyway. That being said, it is always a good idea to be mindful of how the rooms transition into each other.

Don’t play it safe

In order to exhume confidence, you must make confident decisions. Playing it a little bit too safe creates the risk of a room that looks unfinished or bland. Making small, brave decisions could really pay off with your interior. 

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