How to pick the right pendant light for your house

How to pick the right pendant light for your house

by Katie Anderton

When chosen fittingly, a pendant light will completely elevate a room, adding light, decoration and creativity to whatever space. However, everybody knows that gorgeous pendant lights can transform a room. What is less commonly known is how to choose the right one. Here we lay out a set of guidelines to follow so that you can make a perfect choice. 

How low or high should they hang?

A pendant light is defined by the fact that they hang from the ceiling – it is this that really gives it that unique, artistic feel, but the height you hang your pendant from could make or break the room. There are certain things to consider; the height of your ceiling, what is under the pendant light (if anything at all) and what heights the rest of your room has.

If you intend to hang your pendant lights over a space that people would walk through like, say, a hallway, obviously don’t have them hanging so low that people will bang your heads. Even over spaces that nobody will be walking under, you have to remember that the lower the light, the less light projection there is overall – consider the ambience and function of your room. Do you want your room to feel cosy or do you need good lighting for reading etc?

A good rule of thumb, when it comes to pendants being placed over bits of furniture, is to hang them at the same height that a normal lamp would sit. This includes over bedside cabinets, tables, desks and seating areas.


The location and function

It makes everything a bit easier when you know where you’ll be placing something and for what purpose, pendant lights are no different. Is your pendant light being placed over kitchen counters for an industrial decoration or are they being used as a bright spotlight over your art studio? Knowing this will make the selection process so much easier.

Size matters

Once you’ve decided on the location, function and height it is time to start choosing the size. Pendant lights come in a wide range of sizes, making them perfect for spacious or compact rooms. It goes without saying that smaller spaces shouldn’t really have a pendant light taking up half of the room, and bigger spaces will benefit from bigger pendant lights – but this all depends on your interior style.

To be honest we can’t decide what we like more; a few smaller pendant lights hanging over a breakfast counter or one big pendant light hanging over a dining room table…can we have both? Experiment a little bit by hanging various objects, that may be around the same size pendant you are interested in, over the places you’re planning on having the pendant lights, and if it doesn’t look quite right, try other sizes.


There’s a vast array of gorgeous styles of pendant lights, ranging from traditional to modern and everything in between. Are you looking for a statement or a complementary piece? What is your colour palette? What type of interior style does your room fall into?

Metal and concrete pendant lights create that highly desirable industrial look, marble complements chic styles and glass pendants create an arty and often modern vibe. They even have natural looking pendant lights for those Scandinavian-esque interiors.  

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