5 interior trends you can expect to see this year

5 interior trends you can expect to see this year

by Katie Anderton


Yes, this absolutely means watercolour artwork - embellish your walls with bright, beautiful artwork.

You're probably thinking there's a "but" here and you're right. Whilst pieces of art hung up on your wall make an amazing impact, a contemporary twist would definitely come in the form of a watercolour splashed wall.

We think this creates such a creative, unique look. 


This is a strong contender for our favourite interior trend. We just cannot get enough of it. You've probably seen it, but just in case you haven't it's basically a type of flooring or walling, constructed from glass, chips, marble, granite etc and then polished. The outcome? Absolutely gorgeous.

Our favourite looks are the ones filled with an array of colours, totally transforming a room, intertwining classic style with a modern twist.


The minimalistic, aesthetically pleasing interior trend doesn't seem to be moving anywhere. That being said, 2018 made room for a little Scandinavian adjustment. Remaining in our homes are the white walls, wooden furniture and light-weight furniture, but added are colourful fabrics, lots of green and eccentric embellishments.

If you want to find out how to get that perfect Scandinavian look, check out our blog post.

Bright colours

It's 2018, and risks are meant to be taken. Don't fill your home with monotones anymore - add splashes of colour, and bright colour at that. 

We're absolutely obsessed with rooms that have a mixture of bright primary colours dotted an otherwise minimalistic room. It's such an easy one to try out for yourself too - try rugs, throws, artwork, cushions. If you're feeling super brave, why not have a room absolutely bursting with colour from the walls right down to the lamp shades?

Travel vibes

It's almost like Instagram has rubbed off on our interior - we like to show everyone where we've been. To be completely honest, it isn't even important if it's authentic as long as people know that you're one to explore.

All jokes aside, travelling can positively impact all aspects of your life and bringing this into your home makes perfect sense.

For a subtle effect, why not add a map somewhere and mark off every place that you have visited? Alternatively, hanging up your travel pictures could be the perfect way to add those voyager vibes to your home. 

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