Everything we now know about lighting

Everything we now know about lighting

by Katie Anderton

Since the first time we moved out, all the way to the present day, we’ve experienced an equal amount of bad and good lighting…and some that just doesn’t work. We like to say that we’ve come a long way since our first solo move (who knew overhead cooking lights could be so great?), and so we’ve decided to share everything we know about lighting, from our humble experience.

The first and most important lesson we’ve learned revolves around good, quality lighting. The majority of the first spaces that we moved into were poorly lit and, quite frankly, looked like something out of a horror film. With cheap yellow bulbs placed into lampshades that just didn’t match, it’s actually a miracle that we all managed to put on matching outfits every day.

The first thing that we look for in a house, apartment or room now is a good source of natural light. This completely transforms the rooms and makes the lighting work a lot easier. For the night time, we scatter around lights and lamps throughout. This allows you to not only have high-quality lighting when you need it, you know, for reading, cooking, eating and exercising, but also mood lighting for relaxing and socialising.


This brings us nicely into our second lesson; there are three types of lighting – functional, ambient and decorative. Although the three are quite self-explanatory, allow us to explain deeper. Functional basically means that it’s there to light up the space and allow you to see everything you need to be doing. Ambient lighting allows you to navigate your room around your social setting, the colour and brightness of your light can change the mood dramatically. Decorative lighting is there to look pretty and make people say “wow”, you don’t even necessarily need to use this as an actual light…that’s just a bonus.

Variety is the key to and beautiful but bright home. Always be quite generous with lighting – scatter them around, this way you can pick and choose the entire setting. We’ve all once lived somewhere with just one overhead light, carrying the task of lighting up the entire room.

We also wish somebody would have told us sooner that mixing certain styles and types of lighting are key to an amazing room. Never be afraid to mix and match anything and everything in your house. You can totally have two different styles of lamps in the same room – it’ll more than likely enhance the aesthetic.

Interior trends come and go, and truthfully, we still have a lot to learn. However, our lessons with lighting are some of the most important ones we could get. Lighting changes the movement and feel of a room, dictating how people use and act. It determines everything from the function to the aesthetic and when you master the art of lighting, it’ll change everything.

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