Game-changing decorating ideas

Game-changing decorating ideas

by Katie Anderton

We all want our spaces to be functional, stylish and unique, and we know how important it is for every house, flat, office or studio to have these qualities. It’s where we live the majority of our lives and so making the most out of every space is imperative. We won’t even try to act like creating a space that is equally as understated as it is functional and distinctive is easy – it takes hard work, time and maybe even a little help. Accordingly, here are little motivational tips that will hopefully be substantial game-changers for whichever space you’re decorating.


Start from the bottom

We’ve all done it; jumped into an empty box of a room and decided to plonk a big chunky sofa or bed right in the middle. The consequence? We have the difficult task of building up the rest of the room around a giant statement piece.

Our tip to you is to quite literally start from the bottom when you’re decorating and get yourself some rugs. Work your way up right up until you’ve built yourself a room where a sofa or bed can just slot itself in seamlessly. We highly recommend starting with rugs (we really consider them a must-have investment piece), from here you can start to mix your textures, styles and colours to create a truly individual space. Maybe purchase a big antique looking rug and everything places on top afterwards could be modern, bubbly pieces – just a thought.

Style your surfaces

Okay, empty surfaces look great but, in our humble opinions, they look better with belongings on them. The great thing is, this is a super easy but amazingly transformative step that you can implement on your spaces, and there are so many different ways to do it. Vases, lamps, books, ornaments, drink trays and candles are just a few suggestions.

The tiny accessories you place around your room will bring the whole room together in harmony.


Big furniture for small spaces

Contrary to popular belief and decades of interior theory, we’re here to suggest placing bigger pieces of furniture in small rooms. Anything and everything from mirrors, tables and lights have the potential to make a tiny room look bigger instantly. We also recommend placing the bigger bits of furniture with movable, decorative pieces. This makes them a little less intimidating.

Don't be afraid to fake it

Don’t ever be afraid of faux decorations, they are a key hack for so many interior designers, and rightly so. Cultured marble can easily transform a bathroom, kitchen or hallway whilst saving you money and labour. Faux fur is obviously a cruelty-free alternative for any of those who are searching for different styles of fabrics to spice up their room.

You should definitely consider getting a little bit creative with a paintbrush too, careful painting disguised as panelling around a room is a creative trick of the eye.

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