Hanging plants: the trend that will never grow out

Hanging plants: the trend that will never grow out

by Katie Anderton

Who knows how long they’ve been used for? Hanging plants quite literally seem to have been around forever. We can’t open Instagram or Pinterest without seeing beautiful interiors with lots of hanging plants scattered about a room. There’s no real surprise as to why they’re an immortal interior trend – they look incredible, they’re effortless and take up very little room. You probably know by now that we are plant-obsessed, but hanging plants are really our favourites.

The thing is, hanging plants take up space that nothing else could really take up. Standing plants, as great as they look, will always take up a bit of room on the floor, desk, table or shelf. If you have lots of space and you’re looking for fillers, by all means, go overboard with the standing plants. However, for those of us with limited space, hanging plants are perfect. They just float above places, acting as an impactful, effortless piece of decoration. What more could you really wish for?

They’re not just for small spaces though, they’re literally for everybody. Who doesn’t want their own indoor jungle? We’ve seen so many interior inspiration and, in we’re being completely honest, the spaces just wouldn’t look as good without the hanging plants, floating about over furniture, tangling around fabrics. It adds something really amazing to a room. They’re easy to customise too; colours, shapes, lengths. You can get vines which will creep down your walls, spider plants which will curl around or cute succulents that will sit there and look pretty. We’re also a big fan of growing your own herb garden indoors. Why not create your very own, floating indoor garden? Our absolute favourite inspiration comes from Malena_Nest on Instagram

The best plants for your hanging baskets?

If you don’t have much sunlight or space: spider plants don’t really appreciate direct sunlight anyway, hanging them somewhere which still sees a little bit of daylight would be just perfect for this little plant.

If you always forget to water them: Aloe likes a lot of sunlight but doesn’t like a lot of watering.

If you want a splash of colour: African violets are a beautiful bright, blue/purple colour that will definitely make an impact. What’s more is that they don’t require direct sunlight. Perfect.

If you have quite humid conditions: It can be hard to find a plant perfect for your specific conditions but a Peperomia is our best suggestion for you. They also thrive under fluorescent lights too.


We’ve made it very clear that we truly believe that plants are amazing. No space is complete without them. Our favourite tip that we give everybody when decorating is to start with the basics: sofas, beds, cupboards, appliances. Then go on to the smaller necessities; drawers, tables, TVs and chairs. Once you’ve done that finish everything off with the décor pieces.

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