How to decorate a small space

How to decorate a small space

by Katie Anderton

It always seems like we don't have enough space for all our things. Small apartments combined with the fact that over time we accumulate so many different items, some sentimental and some not so much, just continue until it gets to a point where it feels kind of crowded.

Don't worry, you're not alone, I guess we'll just have to wait for the day that we become billionaires and move into a castle with a farcical amount of room. Until then, here are some tips to help you decorate your small space.


Mirrors double as space creating optical illusions by making your room look bigger and brighter. We recommend hanging a mirror opposite a window to make the room appear more spacious whilst brightening it up too.

Why not try adding multiple different sizes and shapes around the room to add a creative twist whilst making the illusion of more space even greater?

Multifunctional furniture

Is there anything more space saving than multifunctional furniture? Get yourself sofa beds, folding chairs and trunk coffee tables. The good news is that the market for multifunctional furniture has really grown lately which means you can get some really cool items.

We're talking bookshelves that can become dining room tables, cabinets that pull out sofas and chairs that have desks hidden in their arms. See, you can get super creative even with just a small place.

Minimalism is key

So, I guess it kind of goes without saying that if you don't have much space, you don't really want to be filling it up with loads of little things. That being said, your choice of furniture makes a world of difference to a small space too.

Stay away from the chunky furniture and opt for the weightless pieces instead. The fine lines of the furniture quite literally save space but also create the illusion that the room actually has more space than it really does.

Lean towards the chairs with skinny legs, tiny shelves and glass tables - this also looks ultra modern too.

More Light

Lighting is so important if you want to make a room look bigger. Look at it this way; the more shadows, the small it get more light in there.

Many room's sole light sources are from one bulb in the middle of the roof. Adding maybe 5 or six sources of light in your room will highlight certain areas, brighten the room up and make it look bigger. We love placing the light over certain areas like a bookshelf or cabinet to (1) make it easier to see and (2) it draws attention to multiple places in the room.


We all have sentimental items that we just can't get rid of, and we all have super important documents and electronics that don't look pretty scattered around the place. Every building needs storage but small spaces especially need storage. Putting all your knick-knacks safely hidden away in a beautiful set of drawers or your important documents in a gorgeous desk will make all the difference. 

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