How to hide the ugly parts of your kitchen

How to hide the ugly parts of your kitchen

by Katie Anderton

There’s a lot of unsightly objects in a kitchen from the electrical items, appliances and, of course, food. The issue is, we need all of those things. Making the room less ugly isn’t just a case of having a big clear out when it comes to the kitchen. So how can we hide all the ugly parts of the room, leaving with a super organised, pretty kitchen? We’ll give our top tips.

The first thing is to really realise what you want to see when you first enter the kitchen. When I walk into my kitchen, I want to see items that make me want to cook and eat, I don’t want to see electrical items, wires and loads of packaging. It really isn’t ideal. That being said, these characteristics are often just afterthoughts when it comes to the kitchen, leaving us all to just settle with little unsightly micro-aggressions. Well, this will happen no more.


Step 1 – Hiding your kitchen appliances

Kitchens have a notorious amount of appliances scattered around the place; kettles, coffee makers, microwaves, blenders, toasters and slow cookers are just a few of the ever-growing appliances in our homes. Unfortunately, the big ones (cookers and fridges) are there to stay…even if you use the cooker as extra shoe space, but we can help with the small appliances.

Our best recommendation is to easily hide them in cabinets. However, hide them in such a way that you can still use them from the cabinet; there’s no point in inconveniencing yourself just to make your house pretty. Hide them in rotating cabinets with shelves. For example, place a microwave in an overhead cabinet, easy to access but also easy to hide. 

Step 2 – Hiding your kitchen wires

We’ve talked about the electrical appliances but didn’t address the sheer amount of wires in the kitchen. The kitchen is just a jungle of wires and cords, scattered around, all plugged into something different for some other use – it’s overwhelming.

The good news is that your kitchen also has loads of drawers and cupboards to hide these things in. Threading wires through drawers or shelves is a great way to keep them completely out of sight. If this isn’t an option, then make them part of the décor by hanging them around. 

Step 3 – Organising your kitchen

Sometimes it is just an organisation, a little clear out every now and then could make the biggest difference, and the kitchen is very often overlooked. Throw away all your chipped or mismatched crockery – you don’t actually need 20 different mugs.

We also recommend getting appealing jars and boxes (with labels) to organise all your food. This not only looks great, especially on open shelving, but it makes everything look much better and helps to prevent you from stockpiling on food. Food is necessary, so, you’ve just got to make it part of the decoration. 

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