How to make your home look arty (when you know nothing about art)

How to make your home look arty (when you know nothing about art)

by Katie Anderton

Creativity comes in many forms, and the fact you don't visit art galleries every weekend to inspect the Etruscan art there shouldn't mean your home can't radiate in creativity. Over time your house will start to collect various bits and bobs, and your personality will start to seep through - but here are a few tips on how to get started on creating that Tumblr-esque, arty feel.

Tip one - Expand your mind

When it comes to decorating we've always been told to stick to certain rules and follow certain guidelines, but you should always take this with a pinch of salt. Experiment with different styles, start looking into colours that you never even thought you would even consider. A great place to begin is by searching through those interior magazines or blogs and find the most daring style, adopt something from it and make it your own.

Tip two - You don't have to compromise

Style and functionality aren't two mutually exclusive concepts. You can find an absolutely stunning piece of furniture, that will enhance your room in amazingly creative ways - that will still serve you so much practicality. 

If you have a set of drawers that don't add much Shazam to your room, why not put your creative talents to use (or somebody else's) and jazz it up a little bit. Additionally, things like chairs and tables should be picked with style in mind, instead of just planning on enhancing it with ornaments afterwards. 

When looking for storage solutions, don't just purchase something because you thought; "oh, that'll come in handy." Always consider how it will look. Wooden or metal crates create a gorgeous artistic, industrial feel whilst still holding all your items. Just a little idea. 

Bookshelves are probably our favourite way of adding that creative touch - the array of colours, sizes and embellishments from the books automatically adds that creative charm, whilst still serving as a useful neccessity

Tip three - Artwork

I mean, you probably assumed this one was coming up, it is a little bit obvious, but that doesn't mean it should be cast aside. Artwork, whether this is in the form of paintings, sculptures or sketches, are super important to getting that arty feel. But you have to get it just right.

For example, one painting above a fireplace, although still beautiful artwork, creates a formally traditional look rather than an arty look. An unusual line drawing as the central view in the dining room on the other hand; creatively genius.

Play around with the placing until your happy with the outcome, don't shy away from a piece of art because it might not be everybody's taste - this is your home, and conversation starters are always welcome.

Tip four - Mix and match

Touching on tip number one; there really are a lot of rules or customs with decorating, and a lot of these rules commonly regard the mixing of colours, fabrics, styles etc. 

Without overdoing it, being careful to not stray into messy, the mixture of colours and fabrics are really the key to an artistic feel. Mix wood and metal, woven and fur, pink and greens. The outcome could be exactly what you envisioned. 

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