How to make your home look like it's straight from the 70s

How to make your home look like it's straight from the 70s

by Katie Anderton

Have you ever heard people say that fashion always comes back around? The same completely applies to interior design. We’re going back in time with our interior trends, but this time – to the 70s. Now, there’s no rule saying that you have to decorate your house like it’s straight out of some 70’s sitcom, but incorporating a little bit of retro into your house could add that much-needed bit of personality.

Don’t worry the 70s are way more than just disco balls and hot tubs (but we won’t judge if you add those in your home too). You have the 70s to thank for bright colours, geometric shapes, shaggy rugs and dark woods. Here are simple ways you can add a bit of the 70s to your very modern home.


The easiest way to add a splash of the 70s in your home is by splashing it around I small doses. Coloured glassware was a big thing in that decade, and that’s something you can easily get a hold of. Things like wall hangings and statement vases also became go to pieces during the 70s. Adding these little small accessories all around your house will add a subtle but impactful flashback.

Focus on the textures

If you’ve read our other guides, you’d have noticed that we focus a lot on textures – but that’s because they are so important. A consistent texture throughout a room may seem like a great idea in theory but in reality, it can make the room look a little bland. Mix your textures.

For that 70s look, you need SO many throws, shaggy rugs with brown leather seating combined with wall hangings and crochet pieces. We actually think the shaggy rug could be the most important piece.


There’s a weird myth that Millennials are obsessed with greenery. However, if you look back in time houses in the 70s were filled with plants – and they mastered it. Obviously, the big plant to have in the 70s were palms but cacti, rubber plants and spider plants were just as popular.


As always, lighting is super important, especially when you’re trying to achieve a certain theme or style for your house. Wicker lampshades were a big trend in the 70s and we would love to see them make a big comeback.

The big pieces

Chairs, sofas, kitchen cabinets and other big pieces were definitely the centrepieces in a 1970s house. Differing from most modern houses which usually let their big items blend in with the mood. We’re really loving the feel of wicker lamps and wicker chairs have just as much impact.

A country cottage kitchen, glamorous walls and bright leather sofas would all make your house look like it had jumped out of a 1970s interior magazine. Picture credit: By Chris 73 / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0.


Of course, dramatic colour pops are a big part of the 70s theme. Initially, your mind would probably wander to orange (and you’re totally right) but don’t forget reds, blues, yellows and greens too. Arguably it’s this combination of colours that really creates that period theme.

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