How to make your house a home

How to make your house a home

by Katie Anderton

The home is where the heart is; it’s where you go to relax and feel the most comfortable in. But what if we don’t? With work, holidays, hobbies and socialising quite often our homes can feel like somewhere we just eat and sleep. So, how can you make your living space feel more like a comforting nest? Here are some of our favourite tips.

The colours

First things first; tackle the colour palette of your rooms. If you’re completely not sure then look at the colour theory and choose accordingly. However, some colours are extremely personal to a specific person…perhaps they hold some kind of sentimental value or nice memory in them?

The best thing to do is to sample out a few palettes and colours, look for inspiration and just find the one that jumps out at you. Once you have the colour scheme chosen, the rest is a lot easier. We promise.

Layers of texture

We’ve mentioned this quite a few times in our guides but we truly believe in the effect that it has. Layering different types of fabrics around the room will make space look so unique and thus personal to you. Our minds automatically jump to cosy log cabins when we think of layering fabrics; the epitome of homeliness. There’s absolutely no set rules for decorating – if something feels right then do it. Place that patchwork quilt over that wooden basket, it looks great.

Minimalism is great – we love it. But, when trying to make your house truly feel like your own, straying away from a pristinely minimal interior is almost inevitable.

Make it sentimental

This could quite possibly be one of the most important tips. Modern interiors, especially those you see in magazines, lack very basic sentimental things. Pictures, magnets, drawings, postcards or random souvenirs are the items that make your house completely different to all the rest. Just try not to allow you to get too much clutter as this can affect your sleep.

If you don’t have many sentimental bits and bobs then a little splash of artwork that triggered some kind of emotions or memories will also work perfectly.


So many people completely miss the importance of having greenery in your house. It allows you to grow a little bit of life into your home – reminding you that it is so much more than a roof and walls.

Mix and matching vases or plant pots will create that homely “thrown-together” vibe instantly too.


Last but, by all means, not least is lighting. A quick fix solution to making your house homelier is to light a few candles, can anything be more comforting?

A more permanent solution is to install lights that have that same soft, warm, comforting glow. Lamps are a great way to add the option of warm light without completely eradicating the white, clear lighting. 

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