How to start decorating your house

How to start decorating your house

by Katie Anderton

Decorating can seem like such a big task. In fact, it’s so daunting that many of us put off even starting it. The truth is, once you get started on your decorating, there’s no stopping. All you need is the nudge in the right direction and then it’ll all go swimmingly. Once you have basics sorted, you’ll be all set to start with all the fun parts of decorating like the furniture and accessorising.

We’re here to help, and from experience, we know exactly how difficult it can be to just get started. Here are our top tips on how to get your decorating started.


1) Get the staples

The best thing to do is to pick out or plan the staple pieces. We think decorating revolves around certain pieces – the walls, the floors and the big pieces of furniture. Even just deciding what wallpaper, paint of flooring you’re going to place is such a big step in decorating.

The big pieces of furniture are important to start with. Although it isn’t necessary, the whole room really does build up around these pieces. For example, in your living room, we would recommend choosing the sofa, TV stand and coffee table first. After you have these pieces, you can begin to build complementary pieces around it. 

2) Discover your colour scheme/theme

One of the earliest stages of decorating should absolutely be around deciding the colour scheme and the theme of your room. Of course, you don't have to fall into one box when it comes to decorating (nobody's telling you not to combine California cool with old English) but it's definitely a good place to start. Firstly, decide on 5 main colours that will be scattered around your room.

Secondly, decide on the theme. There are so many different types of interior themes it can be a little overwhelming to decide. That being said, once you've decided, you can use you your chosen theme to direct you throughout the whole decorating process.

3) The Layout

For most rooms (perhaps not the kitchen) this is something you can change fairly easily. However, it’s not something you want to keep changing – you want to get it right and keep it right. We recommend getting your creative juices sparking and put pen to paper. Doing this will really help you look at the room differently and get a feel for space.

There are also lots of apps that you can use to help you if you’re more of a technology lover. Working out where you want or envision certain pieces could actually get you excited about decorating too – which is a big must. 

4) Don't forget the little bits

When you start decorating it's very easy to leave very important pieces until the very end. You should try not to do that. Important details like lighting, curtain rails and door handles should all be considered at the beginning of your decorating journey. 

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