How to stay on top of your cleaning

How to stay on top of your cleaning

by Katie Anderton

You can decorate your house as much as you want, buy the fanciest of items, the nicest of furniture but none of it will matter if you don’t keep your lovely house clean and tidy. We really don’t want to sound like your parents but, speaking from experience there’s nothing nicer than a nice, clean and tidy house to come home to at the end of a long day. Furthermore, surprise guests are no longer an issue when you keep on top of your cleaning – here’s how to do it.

Always do it right away

If you make a mess, clean it right away and deal with it, this I especially relevant with the kitchen – probably the one room in your house that gets the messiest the quickest. And we’ve all done it, just kept putting off cleaning up something and it just piles up and up, only to become a huge task, later on, taking you hours to clean up.

If you spill something, just take a couple minutes right away to clean it up. This is probably the best tip that we can give you, that will ensure you stay completely on top of all your cleaning tasks.

Don’t forget the hard to reach places.

It’s all fine and dandy mopping, sweeping and wiping all the obvious spaces, but what about the corners of your rooms and in all those nooks and crannies? They’re still noticeable with the eye, so make sure you clean them every now and then.

We recommend maybe once a week, you should do a deep clean of your house. If this requires you to get on your hands and knees or stand on a chair (safety first, of course) then just go for it. The good news? If you do this once a week, it gets easier and easier every single time, taking you less time. It also becomes less of an issue if you miss one

You’ll have to put in the elbow grease

Whilst doing this deep clean, maybe once a week, you’ll need to put in your fair share of hard work. When I do my weekly cleaning routine, I finish feeling like I’ve just done a workout. Make sure to scrub everywhere, leave things soaking etc.

I will always lift up any furniture that I can’t get behind (and that I can get behind) just to make sure it’s super nice and clean.

It’s okay to not be perfect

It’s okay to not have a completely spotless house – if you’re living in it, it will get messy. Don’t even worry about making your house look like it was cleaned by professionals for a magazine shoot.

Also, everybody has somewhere they don’t really keep that clean. Whether it’s the laundry room, a cluttered drawer or your wardrobe. It’s completely okay to have a dirty little secret.

We hope you enjoyed our very real, very simple cleaning tips. Although it might not be the most enjoyable task, it’s a big weight of your shoulders when guests come round or when you just want to chill out on your own

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