How to turn your space into a sanctuary

How to turn your space into a sanctuary

by Katie Anderton

When you work long hours, have loads of errands to run or just can’t seem to relax, having a place that you can call your own sanctuary is so important. Just imagine it; you’ve had a long busy day, you’re stressed and you’re ultimately bringing the weight of the day home with you. You enter your house and it’s, what only can be described as...a sanctuary. Bright, clean, comforting and tranquil. Wouldn’t that just be amazing?

There’s a little bit of confusion surrounding the word ‘sanctuary’, and we just want to clarify that we don’t expect you to start a nature reserve or start accepting unwanted animals (although, good for you if you do). We’re just here to give simple tips on how to make your home more relaxing; turning your space into an oasis. So, without further ado, here’s how to do it.


We know, this is in so many of our posts, but it really is so important. We’re going to continue to spread the message about greenery in your house until every home has some. Nature in your house has so many benefits, but in relation to making your home a sanctuary, they really help with the aesthetic necessity of serenity.

Being at one with nature, disconnecting yourself from the world and submerging yourself with nature is a great way to relax, helping you to divide the stresses of your life. Even just giving yourself a little bit of time every day just to water your plants can be extremely therapeutic.

Don’t worry, not everybody is ready to have greenery in their house. You can get some fake plants or even place plant patterns around your space. This will surely make you feel like you’re constantly on holiday.


Make it your own

Following trends is amazing, we love interior trends and always try to incorporate those into our own spaces, but they don’t have the same effect if you don’t make it your own. You’ll just constantly feel like you’re in a show home.

At the end of the day, this isn’t anybody else’s sanctuary – this is yours. This has to be a place that you can relax and call your home. This might just mean you need to surround yourself with sentimental objects that have a comforting aura to them, for whatever reason. Just go with whatever feels right.

Don’t forget your other senses

We can probably all agree that sight is probably the most important aspect to interior design, but it isn’t everything. Smell, sound and touch are all just as vital and could just be the deal-breakers when creating your sanctuary.

For smells, aromatherapy is such an amazing way to really just unwind at the end of the day. Using essential oils like lavender, rose and chamomile are supposedly the best for releasing stress and lifting your mood.

Scattering around wind chimes, candles, diffusers, record players and soft fabrics will make your house feel like, yes you guessed it, a sanctuary.

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