How to work from home when you don’t have an office

How to work from home when you don’t have an office

by Katie Anderton

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular, but most of us aren’t lucky enough to have an office. In fact, a lot of us don’t have a desk, either.

Below, we’ve listed some of the best ideas for making a desk/office, when you don’t have either.


Why you need a workspace

Firstly, working from your bed is never a good thing. It doesn’t allow your brain to separate the two spaces - one is for sleeping and relaxing, and the other is for working. We can’t tell you how important it is to stop working from your bed.


Secondly, if you work from home, you probably have a lot of paper and stationary too. This can easily look like clutter, which is never a positive. If you live in a small space, like a studio, it can be difficult to keep everything looking organised - and to keep your work organised.

 small space desk

Lastly, having your own workspace makes doing work easier. It keeps you focused, and prevents distractions. Sometimes, we can get distracted by the television, phone or even the fridge. Having a dedicated area for work will keep you centred.

We completely understand.


Below are some suggestions.


  1. Floating shelves

Do you have a little bit of wall space for floating shelves? If you put these up, you can use them to store your paperwork and books. You can put these anywhere - out of sight and out of mind. If you do this, we also recommend placing some potted plants up there too. It helps to make everything look a bit nicer.


  1. Opt for storage

Very often, we’ll have a side table or coffee table that provides no real function. You should opt for tables that have storage underneath them. Alternatively, could you find a drawer or a crate that fits under your current table?

If you have this extra storage, you can place all your work into these. This also allows you to easily pack it all away, and focus on relaxing.  Extra storage is one of the best ways that you can ensure you have all your work equipment, and keep organised.

Of course, how organised you truly are, depends on you personally.


  1. Collapsible furniture

Yes, you can buy furniture that doubles as something else. This is particularly great for small spaces. For example, you can have a bookshelf that has an integrated desk. A folding shelf is also a wonderful option. These are just really useful and practical ways to have a desk, without making it obvious.

With these, you can disguise your work station when you guests round.


  1. Size up properly

Sometimes, we just don’t measure our spaces properly. Opt for smaller pieces - or pieces that double up as something else. Your guest bedroom could have a sofa bed - giving you room for an office, too.

Take a look around, and consider what pieces can be replaced for smaller ones.


It’s all about thinking outside of the box. You don’t necessarily need a dedicated office to have a work station. Just a desk, some organizers and a coaster for your cup of coffee.

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