Steal these decor ideas from Instagram

Steal these decor ideas from Instagram

by Katie Anderton

It happens quite frequently, maybe even every day; we’ll be scrolling through Instagram and our thumbs will stop in their tracks as we find ourselves in awe at a beautifully designed interior. Admittedly, most of the time the interior décor we see on Instagram isn’t feasible in real life but, there are certain bits that you can definitely adopt.

We find Instagram is one of the best platforms for inspiration, ashamedly we can spend hours and hours scrolling through pictures looking for ideas on how to decorate or what furniture our next buy should be. It’s totally plausible that your house could end up on one of the interior Instagram pages if you just steal a few of these décor ideas from Instagram itself. Sneaky.

Art studio vibes

Arty interiors are becoming a big trend and we don’t really have any questions as to why this is – look how gorgeously simple, but breathtaking this art studio looks from @sarawenokur. If you want more hints and tips on how to make your home look arty (even if you know absolutely nothing about art) then check out our simple guide here. 

What to take: We started with a bit of an easy one, so, if you want this arty vibe you can steal the wooden accents, the greenery, the open shelf and, obviously, the artwork. The colours mixed with authentic materials makes this space look amazing 

Simplistically genius

The skylight you might not be able to steal, but everything else you pretty much can. Pastel colours, metallic staple pieces, greenery and a simplicity that disguises actually how hard this type of interior is to achieve. All the colours seem to flow into one another and we just love it. This beautiful room is from @Heyjudeshop

What to take: Take the pastel pinks and browns from this room and make them all flow. Notice how the pink chair matches the metallic rose gold table, which in turn matches the metallic brown mirror and so on.

Is this minimalism?

Minimalism truly is timeless, white walls, no clutter etc. But we just cannot decide whether this interior from @dorotheejunkin falls into the minimalist category…and it is genius. Simple colours and simple big pieces, like the sofa, are completely transformed by eccentric accessories, especially that hanging light.

What to take: Never underestimate the power of a statement light. If you want to liven up your room but you’re not entirely sure how, a hanging light will serve you well.

Flinstone’s vibe

We found this amazing interior from @kellywearstler just absolutely amazing. It’s so nice to see so much fun and colour in one room, whilst still remaining classy. We can’t help but kind of feel like there’s some Flinstone inspiration here?

What to take: Obviously we don’t expect you to find, or even carve, your own stone chest of drawers (even if it does look cool), but we can advise you to take the risks. Look at those rose gold walls or that big piece of artwork – would that not look great in one of your rooms?

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