These interior tips will transform your house

These interior tips will transform your house

by Katie Anderton

Just like many things, there are often very simple solutions to what may seem like an impossible task. If you're looking at a room thinking "where do I even begin?" these simple interior hacks could not only be the place to start but where to end too. Everybody knows that adding a few cushions there and a rug there can really uplift a space, and we're expanding on those so you can completely transform your room. They're so easy, you'll kick yourself for never trying them before.


Adding some plants to a room could literally make a world of difference. The colours of both the plant itself and the vase add a splash of life to any space. We always tend to direct a lot of focus to larger pieces in a room, turning a blind eye to tiny details that, quite often, make just as big of an impact.

Not only that, our minds equate green life with the great outdoors and so subconsciously we associate them with space, positivity and brightness. Isn't that exactly what kind of atmosphere you want your room to radiate?

If you don't think you can keep plants alive for whatever reason, you can get artificial ones (which look so life-like) or very low maintenance plants like cacti, snake plants or rubber plants.

The smaller the room the softer the colours

A very common mistake with smaller rooms that people make is overcompensating. Trying to make a small space look grander by adding lots of marvellous, eccentric items, as admirable as that is, will only make the room look smaller and cluttered - this applies to colours too. 

Use soft pastel colours throughout to make the space look airy and free. Darker colours create an almost boxed in feel. Make the most out of natural light - even utilising mirrors to make this completely possible.

Open storage solutions

We've always been told to keep our nick nacks in close cabinets, cupboards and drawers. We're here to tell you to forget everything you were told and show off your clutter - it can enhance your room's aesthetic, creating a more personal creative feel and will make us be a little bit stricter with ourselves about what we keep.

Imagine this; a beautiful rustic kitchen with copper pans and utensils hanging from the ceiling. Open wooden shelving above your counters holding a mixture of your dinnerware creating a gorgeous arrangement of colours and shapes. Are you sold?

Don't be afraid of mixing

It's time to scrap those "don't mix colours", "don't mix fabrics", "don't mix styles" rules. When done right, mixing can make your house look completely magnificent. Your country living room wouldn't be ruined if you added a bit of bohemian style in there. 

Standing old family heirlooms next to your modern television is completely fine. Adding your personality and individuality is really one of the most important things when it comes to decorating. 

If you see something you like and you think it'll look great in a certain room, buy it. Don't let restrictions regarding how decorating should hold you back. 

You might not want to place, say, an art-pop painting right next to a traditional Monet type painting but there's no reason why they can't be in the same room. Experiment around a little bit.

Use wallpaper smartly

Statement walls created by the smart use of wallpaper can transform a room by elongating certain aspects and bringing attention to a specific part of the room.

Use wallpaper behind bookshelves, on doors, frame it, surrounding your fireplace, underneath your staircase or as a backsplash. The touch of colour or pattern will revamp any room. Depending on what type of wallpaper you use, the impact will vary. The power is completely in your hands.

Don't forget about lighting

They're much more than objects that bring light to a room. They're decoration, mood changes and the difference between a dark, gloomy house and a bright lively house. 

With such a wide selection of lights to choose from, your choice could be the big difference you want to see in a room. 

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