Things you need to ask yourself when you first start decorating – the 3 W’s

Things you need to ask yourself when you first start decorating – the 3 W’s

by Katie Anderton

We recently became familiar with the idea of the three Ws when decorating. The thing is, when it comes to decorating, we very often overthink everything from colours, themes, sizes and functions, which is all well and good for professional interior designers (kudos if that applies to you) but what about regular people who just want a nice, stylish, practical home? Well, turns out it really is super simple.

The 3 Ws technique allows you to really consider what will work best for your room both aesthetically and functionally. Answering these questions, just in the initial process of decorating will allow the rest of the decorating to flow naturally and effortlessly. We urge you to try this technique in the next room you decide to transform and watch as it effortlessly becomes exactly what you imagined.

1) Who is going to use the room?

It might seem like a simple question, especially if you don’t really have many people living with you, but it is a vital one. The best way to explain how to answer this question is to realise that when we ask ‘who?’ we’re interested in the verb, not the noun.

For example, who will use the kitchen? Don’t answer with a name but rather, “somebody who cooks” or “somebody who eats”. This will allow you to decide how many appliances you need. A true cooking connoisseur will be happiest with as many tools, appliances and cooking space they could possibly need. Whereas somebody who only uses their cook for special occasions probably would prefer more space to actually eat and socialise.

For living rooms and bathrooms, is there entire families using them? Teenagers? Couples? Small children? In the early stages of decorating, these questions are so important just to ensure everything is just right…for everyone.

2) What are you going to use the room for?

Okay, we don’t mean you have to state the obvious – we all know the basic functions of each room, but this ‘what’ is a little bit more personal to you. In fact, this question is the one which properly determines the lighting and furniture in each room.

Is your living room going to be used for watching television or socialising? Is your bathroom going to be used for an entire family or just for a couple? Is your bedroom going to mainly be for the wardrobe or for resting?

Once you really recognise what the room will be used for, you’ll effectively be able to decide what types and sizes of furniture you’ll need. 

3) When are you going to use the room?

This mainly determines the type of lighting you’ll need – which, if you’ve any of our other blogs, you’ll know that we find it so important.

Will you be using the room in the evening or when natural daylight is shining through? This also means you’ll have to find the perfect colours that look their best in that specific lighting.

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