Thinking like a hotelier to benefit your home

Thinking like a hotelier to benefit your home

by Katie Anderton

We’ve probably all walked into a hotel at some point in our lives and genuinely thought “wow, I could live here.” Now, wouldn’t that be an amazing thing for your guests to think as they step in your house? You see, hotels have to be a little bit of everything like; stylish, cosy, practical, appealing and versatile, just to name a few qualities.

You may have seen our post on La Cheneaudiere, an elegant hotel meets restaurant and spa. The whole ambience and feel of this hotel exhumed a certain romantic, welcoming, zen feel. It really made us wonder if it was possible for our houses to not only make our guests feel comfortable but to also wow them with the impeccable style. Even just using hotels as a little interior inspiration could open your eyes to new ideas. Here are our favourite tips on how to think like hotelier…but for your home.

The little details

Tiny little accessories in swanky hotels make a bigger difference than you think. Light switches, cushions, frames etc – they can all be the difference between making a room look bland and making a room look meticulously complete.

Considering certain little things like matching the colour of the curtains to the colour of the cushions will make the room look coherent and well thought out. Hotels don’t impulse buy certain items and fill their rooms with said items (but we’re really not stopping you from doing that.

Keep it simple

A hotel room has to appeal to hundreds of people, this means that, minus a few niche exceptions, hotels will play it a little bit safe. Using neutral colours, keeping white bed sheets and cosy rugs will make sure that everybody loves your house.

As well as this, hotels don’t every have clutter lying around or even in the infamous clutter draw (unless guests have left it there), they’re completely tidy and stress-free. Freeing up space can feel so exhilarating and will make your guests feel much less like they are intruding on a house full of sentiments and memories.

A very basic but easy thing to do is to make your bed and tidy up a little every day. This will ensure your house is ready for any kind of arrival.


Hoteliers always design their rooms to contains many sources of lighting. Overhead fixtures, lamps and spotlights will allow yourself and your guests to get the most practical form of lighting for their needs. Having some kind of lamp on each side of the bed is kind of hotel traditional, and it’s easy to know why.

Obviously, you’re actually at a little bit of advantage as you have the freedom to add your own personal touch here and there. Just remember these simple steps and if you see something you love in a hotel, try to emulate it.


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