Wellness and interior design: how to link the two

Wellness and interior design: how to link the two

by Katie Anderton

I know you’re probably wondering how on earth wellness and interior design are connected; well, let us enlighten you. The interior you spend your day in, quite unsurprisingly, have a big impact on your mood and overall feeling. That’s not to say that we all don’t have our individual preferences – what might make one person feel amazing might drag down another, so it really is a trial and error process. We’ll be giving you helpful tips on how to decorate your room to positively affect your wellness. After all, everybody wants a house that nourishes their soul with a nurturing presence.

The colour

It really isn’t a secret and probably won’t surprise anybody that colour has an immense impact on your mood. Picking colours that boost your mood rather than deflate you is an imperative step, and more importantly, super easy. Here are a few tips; yellow promotes creativity so it is perfect for studios or offices. Green radiates the feeling of renewal and energy making it perfect for bathrooms or bedrooms. Whites create a clean, fresh feel – possibly great for kitchens. And bold colours like orange or pink gives us a little pick-me-up which could be great for living rooms.

Obviously, it isn’t necessary to paint your walls bright orange in order to have more energy, little accessories dotted around will do the job: think cushions, rugs or wall art.

Au naturel

Furniture made from natural materials has the possibility of uplifting your spirits just as well as it uplifts your room. Luckily, natural furniture is really trending right now and mixing different materials can create that beautiful creative feel. We’re thinking wonky cabinets and hand-made ceramics and glassware accompanied by neutral colours and, of course, incense sticks. It’s such a positive mood setter.


Linking to number three indoor plants are such a mood-boosting, mindful addition to your house. Scattering green here and there will not only completely transform your interior but will really help your wellbeing. There are so many options to choose from so that you can find the perfect one for your lifestyle and room.

Comfort is key

At the end of the day, you want a home that you feel you can completely relax in, as much as practicality and design are important. Cozying up in a nice fluffy throw, walking barefoot on a thick rug, hugging a comfy cushion – can anything beat those feelings?

An added benefit of this is that it will create an amazingly warm, inviting feeling to your house too. 

Organised and tidy

Although not really an interior tip, it is so important to keep your room and house clean and tidy. Clutter and clutter your mind and mess can begin to stress you out. We know it is a little bit tedious but it will improve your wellness.

Everybody is unique and what works for some people might not work for others. For example, some like walking into a home that has a “just-cooked” homely feel, with sentimental items scattered around. Others like a minimalistic, spick and span type of house. It really is whatever works for you.

How nice is it that we can come home to a house and let out a big sigh of relief, knowing we are exactly where we want to be? Wellness and interior are connected in so many ways and now that you know the link, it’s time to start thinking about your decor.

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