5 Tips for Buying the Right Bar stools

5 Tips for Buying the Right Bar stools

by Sushant Mehta

With dining counters and breakfast bars more popular than ever, bar stools have become positively ubiquitous. However, before you bring a set home, there’re several things to consider — like do you want to just sit comfortably, sit stationary or swivel?

From style to height to added comfort, we’re listing various options available so that you can make an informed decision.

Tip #1 – Back or No Back

First things first — do you want a bar stool with or without a back?

Backless bar stools have a sleeker, cleaner look and occupy less space — an important consideration when space is limited. However, they mightn’t be the most comfortable option if you want to spend a lot of time sitting at the counter.

In case you plan to use your bar stools frequently, those with a back may be more suitable. Also, if there are elderly people and/or young kids around, full back bar stools can provide extra safety and support.

Tip #2 – Cushion or No Cushion

Depending on how much time you’re going to spend sitting at the kitchen counter, bar stools with a padded seat or cushion may be a better option. They provide added comfort, which is missing in cushion-less bar stools.

Tip # 3 – Swivel or Stationary

 Do you prefer to swivel when you belly up to the bar or do you like more solid seating?

Bar stools can be quite heavy, so selecting swivel stools ensures you and your guests won’t have to struggle to scoot back and forth from the counter. On the flipside, if you’ve young children, there’s a risk of them falling out or tipping every time they hop on to one. You may want to consider stationary bar stools in that case.

Tip#4 – Wood or Metal

Wood bar stools go with almost any style aesthetic. For extra comfort, pick those with upholstered cushions—but use them only inside. If you plan to take your wood bar stools outside, pick denser wood, such as teak, acacia, and eucalyptus. All of them are naturally weather-resistant, hence suitable for outdoor use.  

Metal bar stools, on the other hand, are cheaper than wood ones. Typically, they are also more suitable for small spaces or those with a more modern or industrial esthetics. Mind you, you shouldn’t take your metal bar stools outside, because they are prone to rusting.

Tip#5 – Bar height or counter height

Last but not the least, decide whether you need counter stools or bar stools.

While bar stools fit under 42’’ high counters, counter stools are designed for under 36” high countertops.


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