6 Tips for Purchasing the Right Table Lamp

6 Tips for Purchasing the Right Table Lamp

by Sushant Mehta

A table lamp can be as decorative as it can be useful. When purchased carefully, a table lamp can add some pizzazz to your living room and also ensure your lighting needs are adequately met.  

This guide shows you how to buy a table lamp that perfect fits your space and has the features you want most.

  1. Height

Picking a table lamp that’s scaled to your room not only looks better but also ensures the light doesn’t shine in your eyes.

Therefore, when selecting a table, keep the eye-level rule in mind.

For Living Rooms

Make sure the bottom of the table lamp shade is not above your eye level when you’re sitting on a sofa. Instead, it should line up with the eye level.

If the bottom of the shade is above the eye level, the light will shine directly into your eyes.  

Most table lamps are anywhere between 24 inches and 31 inches high. Typically, taller lamps are more suitable for living rooms.

For Bedrooms

Make sure the bottom of the table lamp shade lines up around your chin level when you’re sitting in bed. Typically, smaller lamps are more suitable for bedrooms.

  1. Lamp Width

Consider the width of the table top before you purchase a table lamp. Your table lamp shouldn’t be wider than the table on which it sits on.

Also, take into account the footprint of the table lamp’s base. A big lamp may appear beautiful and impressing, but if you have no room to place your coffee mug or reading glasses on the table, it mightn’t work for you.

  1. Table lamp with night lights

A night light is a must-have feature in your table lamp if you want to light your way at night. Such table lamps offer overall or ambient lighting when you turn on all light features and accent lighting when you use only the night light feature.

  1. Table lamps with double pull chains

These table lamps offer two levels of lights. Pull the both chains if you want to read and one for general illumination or watching TV.

Generally speaking, this type of table lamp makes a great option bedside or beside a reading chair.

Some table lamps also feature an inbuilt USB port. Consider one if you want a handy, easy way to recharge your phone or other electronic devices.

  1. Opaque Vs translucent shades

Want a lot of ambient light, as well as reading light? Table lamps with white or light-colored fabric shades may be right up your alley. On the other hand, if you want to create a darker effect in your room, opt for those with black opaque shades.

  1. Setting up multiple lamps

Do you want to use two or more lamps on a long table or a cabinet? If yes, make sure there’s a distance of 2 to 3 feet between each lamp. This will ensure a better distribution of light in the room.

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