How to get a California cool interior

How to get a California cool interior

by Codazon Team

The home decor that everybody is talking about has arrived - Cali cool interiors that are all about the surfboard, and relaxed vibes. Don’t worry, you don’t need to live in California in order to receive this amazing trend, nor do you have to be a surfer.

We’ve listed the best ways to incorporate a bit of Cali cool to your rooms. This can be anything from accessories, to colour palettes and big statement pieces. If you’re aiming to achieve a Cali cool interior, keep reading on.


  1. Add a surfboard

One of the easiest and best ways to add a few California vibes to a room. Regardless of the rest of the interior, a surfboard can be added to just create a little bit of something.

Even if you have a refined, minimalistic interior - a surfboard can be added.

Surfboards are a great accent piece, that really enhances any room.


  1. Seaside artwork

White walls, surfboards and an amazing picture or artwork of the seaside. This is an absolutely amazing way to add a bit of the beach to your room.

Don’t’ forget, you can add an abstract piece of art that loosely resembles a beach or the ocean. It will still look really amazing.


  1. Driftwood furniture

Driftwood furniture adds a beachy vibe to any room. Even if this is a small table or a headboard. It really does add a sense of rustic, beach feels to any room. Obviously, all driftwood furniture looks quite different.

If you really want to achieve a beach vibe, we recommend white driftwood furniture that looks a little bit weathered.


  1. Little accessories

Tiny little decorative pieces make such a big difference. Wicker baskets, fishing nets, palm trees, and other little beachy style vibes will make a huge difference to a room.

You’ll be able to pick up little pieces every now and then and keep adding them up.cali interior

Sidenote: shell pieces are amazing little decor pieces for achieving the Cali cool look.


  1. Rugs add so much

A rug really is the heart of every room, and when you choose the right one - it can totally transform a room.

Add a bit of colour to your room, and inject a little bit of California with a rug. Also, alongside this, curtains also add this same kind of effect.


  1. Peacock chairs

It’s a very specific suggestion, but we thought we would mention it because it really does enhance the room.

We look peacock chairs, especially when you’re trying to achieve a Cali-cool look.


  1. Neon lights

This might not work for every interior, but neon lights is a really chic addition to any room. It kind of makes a room feel like a classic beach bar.


  1. Exotic plants

We mentioned plants briefly, but we feel like the deserve a point all on their own. Palm trees, cactuses, and succulents are great choices.


We hope this helped you achieve the Cali interior of your dreams. We’d love to see pictures of your amazing interiors.

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