Tips for Picking the Perfect Bedside Table

Tips for Picking the Perfect Bedside Table

by Sushant Mehta

A good bedside table is just as important as a comfortable bed. But what makes a bedside table good one? Well, it should excel in both form and function.

There’s hardly any point in bringing home a stunning bedside table if it’s way too tall for your bed. Likewise, you wouldn’t want a practical bedside table if it ruins the entire design of your bedroom decor or jarringly sticks out as an odd piece out.

Your bedside table should perfectly fit the interior style of your bedroom while providing ample storage and surface area for your needs.

In this post, we’ll discuss tips that help pick the perfect nightstand table.


Give or take a few inches, the ideal height for a bedside table is the top of the mattress. That is, the top of your nightstand table should be roughly even the mattress. That will make it easier for you to reach for things on it across the bed.

What if you find can’t something that’s exactly level with the top of your mattress?

Go for a bedside table that’s a little higher rather than lower. A slightly taller table looks better than one that’s a little shorter.


If the bedside table is spacious enough for a table lamp, there’s nothing like it, as you’ll be able to easily reach the bedside lighting.

Here are some pointers to help you pick the perfect bedside table lamp:

  • If you want the best light, make sure the bottom of your table lamp is approximately at the same height as your chin when you’re sitting up.
  • Pick a lamp with a switch on the cord. This obviates leaning over the bulb every time you have to switch it on or off.
  • The size of the lamp should be roughly one-third of your table. This will give you enough space to put a coffee mug or other bits and pieces.


Do you want to stash away things like medicines or glasses or other things inside your bedside table?

If yes, consider a bedside table with drawers. You may also consider a nightstand with a door.

If you’re not likely to use your nightstand table to hide away bedroom clutter, a simple table top or a combination of a small drawer on the top and open area underneath may be perfect for you.


Make sure the color of your bedside table goes with the palette of your room. However, remember that darker colors absorb light while lighter colors reflect it.

If you want to bring in some extra light into your room, a white bedside table or a glass or metal nightstand may be ideal for you. On the other hand, if you want to tone down a bright room a little, consider a black nightstand or a cherry nightstand.


The material of your bedside table can have a huge impact on the style and feel of your room. Nightstands featuring glass or polished metal can accentuate contemporary-style bedroom. On the other hand, natural wood nightstands with iron hardware or distinguished brass look great in traditionally-styled bedrooms.

If you want to pick a bedside table for each side of the bed, you may opt for matching or contrasting ones, depending on your taste.

A matching pair gives an organized look and feel to a bedroom. Contrasting nightstand tables, on the other hand, give a room a less formal vibe.


Your bedroom furniture should be in proportion to each other. A smaller bed needs a small bedside table and vice-versa.

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