Bed Buying Guide

A bed is so much more than a piece of furniture, it’s the make or break factor in ensuring you get a good night’s sleep, and quite possibly acts as the staple piece to your bedroom. Sorry, we don’t intend to put any more pressure on you if you’re trying to find the perfect bed, but it is crucial you find the best one. We’ve put together a few tips to make the bed buying process less intimidating.

1 – Discover what exactly you are looking for

First thing’s first, you’ve really got to lay out what you want from the bed you’re buying. Will this be your bed in the main bedroom that you’ll use every night or a much less used bed in the spare bedroom? Do you want it to double as storage? What is (or are you planning on having) the décor like in the room? Do you use a bed for more things than just snoozing like reading or chilling with a morning coffee? You just need to take a little bit of time to really think about, or even jot down, what types of things you’re looking for in a bed. Built-in lamps, headboards, wooden, tall frames etc. Once you’ve done this you’ll have a much clearer picture when you actually begin the searching.

2 – The frame

The frame makes a big difference to the ambience of the room but also your sleep. You can find thin metal frames for those minimalist, timeless decors. Upholstered beds are quite the statement piece and can often add extra comfort to it, which might not be great for those early mornings. Wooden frames are so versatile, sitting well with Scandinavian interiors or traditional looks. Lastly, a leather bed will add a certain type of luxurious feel to a room, with an ultra-modern twist.

Frames can come in all shapes, sizes and colours which can only mean you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for you.

Bed Buying Guide

3 - The style

This goes hand in hand with the frames, but a little more in depth; the overall style. This can be the difference between your wooden bed oozing out rustic or chic interior vibes. Or your upholstered bed matching a minimalist or arty room.

Also, remember to consider 4 poster beds, decide on a headboard and also added bits like built-in bedside cabinets and lights…is that the style you were going for?

4 – Extras

The thing that really makes the bed so great are the added (necessary) extras; mattress, duvet sets and cushions. This is your time to make your bed so comfy that you fall asleep in ten seconds, not to mention, add your own personal touch.

You could have picked a minimalist, simple bed frame but spice it up with a jazzy duvet set ad sparkly cushions. Or you could tone down your statement frame with neutral bedding.


The bed is super important to consider for your own sleep and your interior, we hope this guide helped. Did you know that your bedroom décor could be affecting your sleep? Check out more of our tips on how to get the best night sleep.

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