Lighting Buying Guide

The type of lighting you choose to illuminate your house makes a big difference to the interior of your home. Not only do they provide your house which much needed brightness (obviously) they act as fundamental pieces to the décor of your home. The popular advice is to generally fill your house with three types of lighting; functional, decorative and ambient. By following this tip, you can be completely sure that you have a home which is practically lit but also has extra charm, subsequently so it doesn’t dim in style. Our lighting buying guide will give you all the information you need to make a perfect choice.

Lighting Buying Guide


The function of a light is to, well, light up a room. When you’re choosing a light you predominately think about how best it will illuminate a certain room, where to place them and how practical it will be.

Overhead lights that brighten up rooms are obviously the big ones to consider, and the placement could be the difference between shadows or perfectly lit rooms. However, there are many more functions you should definitely consider. For example, in offices desk lamps with moveable arms are pretty much essential.

Kitchens require more than just one overhead light – they need multiple spotlights or wall lights, to make sure you know exactly what you’re cooking, everything is how it should look and no mistakes are made.

Other functions like reading lights next to beds or spotlights around mirrors should also be considered – these will serve you a function and so are crucial in making sure your décor is also practical.


You’ll be so surprised to find out how much difference lighting makes to the mood of a room. Living rooms generally have a warm, inviting glow. Kitchens need a bright light with minimal shadows – this is a room where so much prepping and cleaning is done.

Bathrooms have a similar rule to the kitchen…but with all those mirrors? Make sure the lighting is a little bit flattering. Bedrooms and dining rooms can both have that romantic, dimmed feel to them which completely changes the mood and creates a more relaxed ambience.

There are so many ways to experiment with lighting, including different coloured lightbulbs…have a bit of fun. 

Lighting Buying Guide


It might be the one to consider after functionality and ambience, but decorative lights are no less important. You have all the functions covered, you’ve set the ambience of the room, now it’s time to add a bit more personality.

Obviously, your personal style and the rest of the interior will dictate which style you choose, and you can be sure that we’ll have the perfect one for you.

Retro, modern, playful, minimalist or traditional…your décor can be completely changed by what lights you choose to place around your room.

Don’t forget; statement pieces of lighting have been used for decades to add a flair to certain rooms. Low hanging, quirky designs will be sure to spark conversation amongst guests, whilst magnificent traditional designs will undoubtedly add that wow-factor.

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