Sofa Buying Guide

The sofa is arguably the most integral part of your living room, and understandably we all want to get the sofa that is just right for our house, but this can often be a long and stressful process. There are so many different factors to consider when buying a sofa, and we know it can leave your head spinning a little bit - but we're here to help. Follow our sofa buying guide for a foolproof way to find the perfect seating for you.


The first thing to consider is how much space you actually have. There's no reason why you should put yourself through the pain of finding a great sofa, only to realise later that it doesn't physically fit. Measure your living room, and keep in mind what other pieces you want in the room too. If you only have a small space you can check out our post on how to decorate a small space for simple tips.

There's absolutely no issue with having a small space, there's still gorgeous smaller sofas that will enhance any surrounding.


You want your sofa to be comfortable first and foremost, but also attractive. Which is why the material is so important - you should decide if you want a leather or fabric sofa pronto. Both have their own unique advantages.

A fabric sofa is cozy and comfy all year round but leather is easier to clean any spillages up; something to consider if you have children. Leather has a more classy, mature look whereas fabric is very versatile. It all depends on your lifestyle, needs and what overall theme you want to achieve. Now would also be a great time to really decide what colour scheme you're going to (or already have) have in your lounge and whether or not your sofa will match.

How many people

A crucial factor in picking your sofa is how many people it actually needs to seat. If it's just for a couple of you then a two-seater is all you need. These are great for saving space with their compact form, whilst still remaining useful and beautiful.

A three-seater is the most popular of choices, and it's no surprise why. They're spacious enough for multiple people, act as a staple piece to a room (if you want) but still don't take up too much room.

If your house will be hosting sociable events or has many people occupying it, a corner sofa would be great for you. It's roomy, got enough seats for you and your guests and the corner actually makes it easier for social circles. Not bad.

There's no need to worry if you have a small space but still have many guests over. A sofa bed is a space-saving, multifunctional piece of furniture that definitely comes in handy. 

Sofa Buying Guide


Once you've figured out the basics, its the most enjoyable (but often most difficult part) of the process is here- picking the design. It might seem like the interior design list just never ends, but this can only mean that you're not have so much freedom to transform your room.

Contemporary sofas are complete with fine lines, monotone colours and sometimes quite futuristic vibes. These are probably the best choice for small spaces, courtesy of their light-as-a-feather structure.

If you're going for a more traditional look we suggest a sofa with elegant features like a high back, wooden frames and short feet. Of course, there are so many different styles like quirky, retro, relaxed and beachy sofas, just to name a few. Remember, the sofa can really make or break your intended theme, there's no pressure, but just remember to consider it in the grand scheme of things.

We hope this guide helped, and gave a little push in choosing the perfect sofa for you. Check out our range and find the perfect one for you.

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